Evaluation & Engagement

Through evaluation, we help develop campus and community programs and we foster connections between Duke and the broader community

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EHDi provides evaluation services and learning opportunities to meet an increasing demand for evaluation at Duke and in the broader community; to spark collaboration between researchers and practitioners; and to promote learning in evaluation and applied research. Our efforts advance Duke programming, inform community-based programming, and further Duke’s mission of knowledge in the service of society.

What We Do

We provide services and expertise in evaluation and other aspects of program development, such as strategic planning, for Duke- and community-based programs.

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We promote education and training in applied research and evaluation by offering workshops and other project-based learning opportunities for Duke students, staff, faculty, as well as for community entities. [link to "workshops and education" page]

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We foster connections between Duke researchers and community entities by integrating applied evaluation into research projects and by prompting Duke/community connection through evaluation – for instance, by performing community needs assessments that lead to university-based research.

Throughout our work, we view evaluation as a means for productive and powerful community engagement. 

Why We Do It

We seek to support the needs and growth of our community partners, to advance productive and positive university/community engagement, and to provide a bridge to learning through community engagement and evaluation for Duke learners.

We achieve this by:

Providing strategic planning, evaluation, and other program development services for Duke and community-based programs that foster education and human development.

Connecting Duke researchers with community stakeholders and with other faculty and staff who engage with the EHD community beyond Duke. One way we pursue this is to bring learners at all levels into projects with community partners through EHD Bass Connections teams.

program evaluation

We also bridge these two approaches by using program evaluation to forge research/practitioner connections.  For example, our BLAST partnership is based on a community-partner-driven engagement model that brings together Lakewood Elementary School and three Duke partners through responsive research and evaluation.