Data & Analytics

We provide resources to Duke researchers building a greater understanding of EHD issues on campus and in the community

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We have expertise in data issues throughout the research life-cycle and can provide assistance on an array of topics, including project planning, data collection and measurement, data management, documentation, and data analysis.

We support EHD research in a variety of ways:

data management

We provide expertise in data management and analysis by partnering with research projects, either on an ongoing basis or to support a specific, short-term task. We can help you to create data plans, assess data management needs of your project, and help identify data management solutions. We are available to help you understand your data management needs and recommend best practices for keeping your data usable, now and into the future. Our workshops teach you how to manage your data more efficiently and help you to share your data with others.

EHD data & resources

We facilitate access to EHD data and help to promote shareable datasets within and beyond Duke. With the IT staff at SSRI, we created Metacat, a metadata catalogue for both EHD and medical research studies. This catalogue provides study and contact information for a wide variety of EHD studies that cross disciplines and settings. Metacat continues to grow and researchers can contact EHDi about including their studies.